Monday, April 15, 2013


Recent news items have mentioned a man who apparently murdered a couple in California and who o also had numerous aliases, identities, among which was the last name of ROCKEFELLER, which when he made use of  it helped admit him into various social circles with very little problems since few people might question his last name or know enough about this family to ask sensible and critical questions as to his exact relationship to any of them.

Moreover, he lived in CORNISH,NEW  HAMPSHIRE, at a residence in the CORNISH ART COLONY AREA in the JUDGE LEARNED HAND'S HOME. For those somewhat familiar with Cornish, in the same area, the late J.D. SALINGER had a home on Dingleton Hill.

Today, I had the good luck of meeting two persons who actually had met and sort of 'knew' him and from what I heard from them he was, to say the very least, an unusual person whom many people seemed to find 'discomforting' if not slightly disturbing, often for reasons that easily described but felt.

His photos give various impressions of  him and he obviously was intelligent but some slight indications of his 'imposture' occasionally emerged whenever his background and life were discussed
at times.

He was from GERMANY apparently and spoke excellent ENGLISH as might be expected and presumably came to the US LEGALLY. I suggested to the two persons I had met that perhaps he had been in the HITLER YOUTH or perhaps his parents had been fervent NAZIS and that more questions on his background and heritage might be ones to ask.

I did learn that he had some rather thick foundations built and that after each one was laid, some markings had been made on the fresh concrete, etc. which  speculation seemed to say that he had either hid bones in them or GOLD COINS as he collected such coins apparently. But no one has yet found out if these concrete erections hold anything like such in them.

At any rate, I shall post other things as I am able to find out about him. But when some asked him about the Rockefellers ,those that knew some of them, he was most evasive and gave numerous excuses on such. If I had met him, I might have asked him about two I had met years and years ago and to see what he might have told me.

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  1. YESTERDAY, after posting this here on this blog, I went home and called a close friend of mine and in the course of our conversation on ancestral matters, my fiend revealed to me that he had met the fellow, 'CLARK ROCKEFELLER' from Cornish and talked with him when he came in to buy certain items for his kitchen and so on. My friend did not give me any specific details and so later on I shall ask him some more specific things that I hope he can mention or describe. Time was short yesterday as my friend was very busy and had many calls to take .