Friday, November 6, 2009


The revival of 'modern' witchcraft, paganism, black magic, occultism, and certain other so-called 'New Age' practices for frequently commercial reasons, 'political' reasons, and to act as a cover for sexual, drug, and other excesses frequently leads to crimes, and to the specific crime of murder. Of course, such crimes have been with mankind for a long time as the history of occultism, actual or spurious, will show. The cult aspects of all these activities undertaken for all kinds of reasons, but mostly to gain power or control of people,etc. are a special study in themselves. Not all cults are insidious,destructive, drug-oriented, or more than certain fantasies acted out in a specific environment or 'theater'. These same 'subjects' of occultism and related items often serve as cover for spy-activities by various agencies but that will be dealt with under another blog.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Nowadays, the fascination of 'serial' killers almost matches the interest in the often fanatical,ruthless rulers and dictators of history all of which are 'KILLERS' of some sort. New Hampshire has its onw famous serial killer, recently, though I have not read the book entirely, covered in a book on Chicago where his major crimes are said to have taken place. HERMAN WEBSTER MUDGETT, a native of Gilmanton, New Hampshire, also a town famous for PEYTON PLACE's Grace Metalious, was a serial killer who may have killed more that the twenty-seven people he is considered to have at least killed, most of them at the infamous "TORTURE CASTLE' which was build in 1893 in Chicago.