Thursday, December 19, 2013


Connections of OCCULTISM with SERIAL KILLERS, generally males, has long  been considered and discussed in various ways, with interesting and, somewhat, inconclusive and unverified conclusions, and intense and sensational publications, ranging from newspaper accounts, conspiracy groups, occult groups themselves, and the enormous volume of literature and magazines as well as, nowadays, videos, DVDs, movies, and other forms of media. FICTION has been a rich 'resource' for such things as well, feeding and fueling the imaginations of vast segments of populations around the world and especially among young and contemporary enthusiasts of such.

MANKIND has been killed over the centuries in various ways so that the mass killings by wars and battles, 'crusades', and revolutions and revolts, do not seem  to hold the fascination and horrors that certain types of killings seem to exert on people. Of course, ancient man, primitive man, tribal man, had problems of survival and  early on various real and imaginary killers existed  for them. The rise of various religions all over the world, from shamanism, 'paganism', and exotic religious systems with special and unusual deities have to be considered as do mythological creatures and beings, some of which have been replaced, no doubt, by 'aliens from outer space' and other extraterrestrial beings, even Angels and Demons. Added to this, are innumerable folk tales and ancient lore of monsters, vampires, ghouls, zombies, werewolves and the like, that now have an enormous revival in contemporary societies, cultures, and venues,namely, to make money and provide entertainment and the like.

Mass killers, who followed 'NATIONAL' & 'RACIAL' & 'GOVERNMENT' policies and official executions and genocides are none-the-less bloodthirsty and  destructive but it is the single individual, who, though he or she had help, assistance, devotees, etc. has been singled  out, usually historically, as a SERIAL KILLER.

A few exceptions exist, such as THE CULT OF THUGEE; THE TIGER & LEOPARD MEN, and also, perhaps, THE ASSASSINS. Crime groups, like the YAKUZA & THE MAFIA & THE TRIADS (usually lumped in with the Tongs) also come to mind. These groups, along with cannibals and witchcraft groups have also had their reputations sullied by sensational accounts by various travelers, researchers, devotees, and so on, and the literature is quite interesting and fascinating if one can procure such for reading and to pass the time.

It becomes soon apparent that there is an enormous amount of subject matter on all levels and scales of a wide range to consider, not to mention OCCULTISM, OCCULT DOCTRINES, GROUPS, SOCIETIES and practices that consist of much more than the average persons even cares to look into or discuss or research and since this is the case,  only the more 'appealing' of the sensationalism found available is considered. Of that, there is no end in sight.

The blending of occultism with SERIAL KILLING has a long history, coming perhaps from the notions of 'sacrifice', 'feeding the gods or demons', of establishing certain relations through the shedding of blood, an important ingredient of LIFE, and also achieving certain powers and abilities and other things.

Thus, witches, wizards, magicians, priests, shamans, medicine men, martial artists, and their alter egos of vampires, zombies, and 'souless' beings as well as 'devils and saints' have taken on the roles of 'SERIAL KILLERS' in various ways though 'spells and poisons', 'charms and elixirs' and other things that comprise their 'itinerary and careers'.

VAMPIRISM with its 'BLOOD EMPHASIS' also has its rituals and rites and also mimics certain religious and social affairs. Even the 'scientific' aspects of blood, race, and composition and use adds to these considerations more than most realize, if at all.

I shall add more specific things in this area as I continue to discuss these things. Of course, not all serial killers are dabblers or practitioners of the OCCULT but quite often these things are not kept wholly distinct when and if they should  be, and, while some of the more exaggerated, 'tongue-in-cheek' claims and descriptions are not to be seriously taken as pure fact,  there is still a lingering doubt in some instances. That certainty and ambiguity in both TRUE CRIME & OCCULTISM exists
there is sometimes just the non-connection with the OCCULT that some serial killers have and the more common one in all cases of both occult and serial crimes is apt to be tinged or involved with SEX.

Without discussing the powerful and sometimes obvious role of SEX in war, in crime, in nearly all areas of human behavior and motivations and the like, it is perhaps just sufficient to not allow all the possible sexual implications and crimes to color all of this beyond the actual facts and to refrain from undue speculation and morbid fantasies.

Specifically, several serial killers and occultists will be mentioned and discussed under this topic and perhaps most who follow this blog,if any do, will recognize them in some way.

Friday, May 31, 2013


Just how accurate this figure given is I am not sure, but given the current state of the nation, it seems rather accurate for many reasons. First, the UNITED STATES of AMERICA has the most, according to some surveys, studies, and statistics (which may be slightly skewed and inaccurate in any strict sense of the word, INCARCERATED POPULATION, that is, in jails, prisons, and other 'detention' centers.

ADDICTION to DRUGS, ALCOHOL,  VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES, MOVIES, AND OTHER MEDIA, as well as other influences and impressions, including the military aspects of life and the sports, entertainment groups, and other aspects of culture, too numerous to mention, namely the constant consumption of things and the deteriorating environment,etc. all can be factored in to give this tidbit of information.

AROUND 84-85 % of this group of  SERIAL KILLERS are 'WHITE' and 16% are BLACK, if you care to think in these terms, and  I don't.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Some interesting 'coincidences' and 'connections'  and other 'influences' in the life of 'THE ROCKEFELLER IMPOSTER' are to be found on the internet that have not really appeared in the usual news  reports on him and so I will mention these here.

TRAUNSTEIN and BAVARIA where it is a district, etc. was the CENTER OF PSYCHIATRIC GENOCIDE, called in the article/report I read today: NAZIE ATTEMPTS TO ERADICATE SCHIZOPHRENIA.


Here is the clear and concise why the name 'ROCKEFELLER' may have been chosen for one of
Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter's  aliases!

Another interesting  sidelight and tidbit in this affair is the fact that the former POPE BENEDICT XVI comes from that area where he was born and had a cousin, according to his statements to others, that a cousin with what is known as 'DOWN'S SYNDROME' was taken away by the NAZIS for 'special' therapy and soon afterwards was dead.

These 'eradications of the UNFIT' were not just done for strictly EUGENIC REASONS to eliminate 'progeny with hereditary defects' but TO REDUCE COSTS OF INSTITUTIONALIZATION and to improve the economy for other things.

THUS, the policy of 'THE DESTRUCTION OF LIFE UNWORTHY OF LIFE' was followed in Germany  but much of the work prior to this, and the various Eugenic Plans and 'racial' purification notions came from the UNITED STATES, where the notions of all this have been revised and reworked .

Monday, April 15, 2013


Recent news items have mentioned a man who apparently murdered a couple in California and who o also had numerous aliases, identities, among which was the last name of ROCKEFELLER, which when he made use of  it helped admit him into various social circles with very little problems since few people might question his last name or know enough about this family to ask sensible and critical questions as to his exact relationship to any of them.

Moreover, he lived in CORNISH,NEW  HAMPSHIRE, at a residence in the CORNISH ART COLONY AREA in the JUDGE LEARNED HAND'S HOME. For those somewhat familiar with Cornish, in the same area, the late J.D. SALINGER had a home on Dingleton Hill.

Today, I had the good luck of meeting two persons who actually had met and sort of 'knew' him and from what I heard from them he was, to say the very least, an unusual person whom many people seemed to find 'discomforting' if not slightly disturbing, often for reasons that easily described but felt.

His photos give various impressions of  him and he obviously was intelligent but some slight indications of his 'imposture' occasionally emerged whenever his background and life were discussed
at times.

He was from GERMANY apparently and spoke excellent ENGLISH as might be expected and presumably came to the US LEGALLY. I suggested to the two persons I had met that perhaps he had been in the HITLER YOUTH or perhaps his parents had been fervent NAZIS and that more questions on his background and heritage might be ones to ask.

I did learn that he had some rather thick foundations built and that after each one was laid, some markings had been made on the fresh concrete, etc. which  speculation seemed to say that he had either hid bones in them or GOLD COINS as he collected such coins apparently. But no one has yet found out if these concrete erections hold anything like such in them.

At any rate, I shall post other things as I am able to find out about him. But when some asked him about the Rockefellers ,those that knew some of them, he was most evasive and gave numerous excuses on such. If I had met him, I might have asked him about two I had met years and years ago and to see what he might have told me.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Someone posted these videos on FACEBOOK and I happened to see them and then listen to them,etc. The things that emerge from these are informative and interesting.....for example, the early mistreatment of animals, cats and dogs,etc. is an indication of a tendency to disregard and destroy life, not just cruelty per se, but a way to deal with the world, to escape helplessness, maybe hopelessness, impotence, and the like, and as years go by, this activity is 'transferred ' to humans...... Mass murderers,like HItler,etc. and 'classical' killers,usually serial ones, are said to 'act out hatred towards their parents', especially the Father, when abused, mistreated, severely punished,etc. during childhood, although this does not always explain why some who do experience such , never become such killers. The lack of emotions experienced by these killers indicates some other factors that need mentioning as well as those experienced by 'thrill' killers or 'rapists' but all descriptions of such often fall short of real understanding and insight into these killers no matter the level or scale of their murders......A careful study of the facial expressions, patterns of speech, and other 'clues' to the 'murderous' tendencies and the killer's recall of specific murders,crimes, tortures,etc. will give you something to ponder and how, quite often, these persons tend to appear both 'normal','harmless', even non-descript....until you talk with them or become their victims....More can and must be said about all this....and a rare few even attempt to emulated and 'copycat' these killers....

Thursday, June 23, 2011


There are more SERIAL KILLERS among the gneral populce in the US than in any other nation......GENOCIDAL KILLERS of all kinds are POWER POSSESSORS who order others to kill for them and turn others, by so doing, into killers when perhaps they had never thought of being such or of having done so...... The CULTURE OF THE UNITED STATES,its daily life,media-induced,seduced, hypnotized, CREATES serial killers and seldom is such the result of defective genes, DNA or brain formations and functions or feeble-mindedness----- THE URGE TO KILL, to resort ot violence, crime and destruction is GLORIFIED IN DAILY LANGUAGE(far too much to pin-point simply) and in ACTIONS considered 'normal' and part of the daily routine.....drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, testosterone and other things are often attributed as being 'causal' or 'contributing' factors in such....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Stating the obvious may seem foolish but then the world is full of most foooolish persons who assume that everything will be safe and rosy for them as they strut about in various environments, ignoring obvious risks and chanting the old mantra,'IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE' and following up with the affirmation, 'IT CAN'T HAPPEN TO ME',etc. With the growing number of paroled criminals, many of whom will become full-fledged killers of some kind, either crazed, drugged, drunk, intentional or accidental, one will encounter many of them hiding in the open, walking the streets, and smiling all the while they plunge a knife into you or shoot you down and those around you if they can.... We live in a wonderful world, but it is a world of wonderful violence and well as of incredible beauty and suffering and misery, with unlimited opportunities to do 'good' and to 'help' people, especially those who do not want such.... The distrust of persons and people that the present day society and culture fosters and reinforces, and which media present, creates an uncertainty and insecurity in us, no doubt, and politicians will make great use of this as will others....who stand to gain financially from this... Self-protections and self-defenses are the responsibility of each individual, starting at birth and ending at death, hopefully not at the hands of killers and criminals or governments.. At an early age, I became aware of killers, murderers, criminals, spies, etc. because I read, went to movies, listened to radio and so on and was not kept from the realities of life in a sanitized learn that death is around when animals are killed in front of your eyes at the tender ages and when you have to participate in such yourself in some ways....along with other 'shocks' of life that have to be dealt with, not ignored or censored by zealous 'child protectors' who maintain ignorance of such is not only bliss but standard operating policy in most everything.... So, when you walk down the street or walk a lonely road or drive to various areas around you, just remember, the life you save may be your own.....if you know how to avoid responding to the requests of killers that loom and lurk around wating for you to be a victim......